Magic Micro Weddings in Melbourne 2022

micro weddings in melbourne
The Army Barrack in Melbourne created a perfect back drop for Zing's micro wedding in Melbourne.

What do micro weddings in Melbourne look like in 2022?

Popularised during pandemic lockdowns, we think the phrase intimate wedding is nicer, regardless of the wording for a smaller wedding. Micro weddings in Melbourne are fabulous and we are here to show you why.

Getting back to basic, weddings are a wonderful occasion, regardless of how big or small they are. Firstly, and most importantly, the wedding day is a reflection of the couples love and commitment for each other. Secondly, it’s a celebration of that. Thirdly the event should reflect the style and personalities of the couple getting married.

So, does the size of the wedding change the photography? Rocco thinks not, ‘Regardless of the number of guests at a wedding, it is the couples day. As wedding photographers, it’s our job to narrate that day. It’s about us using our creative ways of seeing, then creating a set of pictures that is a reflection of what the couples day is about. As opposed to a set of constructed pictures that follow trends and don’t reflect the personalities of the couple are truly about.’

Smaller weddings have often been about budgets and destinations, or both. However, couples are now seeing the positive of these smaller, intimate weddings.

They can reduce the budget and up the quality. Creating fancier more decadent menus, with fine wine lists to accompany. Venues with a view, a more stylish soiree. The wedding can be planned with fewer compromises to the details, creating an unforgettable experience.

“…being able to document a small celebration, you get the benefit of capturing all the beautiful micro stories emerging out of the day. Everyone is so connected and so part of the day because of the small number of people at the wedding. It actually works in our favour.”  – Rocco Ancora

The Intimate Wedding of Nicole and Sascha

From our point of view as photographers, the benefit of a smaller wedding is having time. Time to document relationships of not only the couple, but the relationships guests have with the couple. Rocco reflects on one intimate wedding that he captured with only 6 guests.

‘You could really see the emotion in the final collection of pictures, why these people were the chosen few invited. There was an obviously a significance as to why they were there and it was beautiful to be able to document it.’

Here are some of the gorgeous storytelling images from this micro wedding of Sascha and Nicole’s day…

Sascha and Nicole’s intimate wedding had just 6 guests. Here the family see the bride for the first time, the father of the bride reduced to tears

- A micro wedding does not mean micro photography coverage -

Champagne and emotions flowed at this small, intimate wedding of Sascha and Nicole’s

What if you really wanted to invite people and they couldn’t be there? Realistically this is a problem that can happen to any couple planning a wedding, without any of the craziness that 2020 and 2021 has brought us. Someone is sick, or they can’t travel, get time off from work, etc.

How can you still share your special day with those that couldn’t be there?

Well, I’m so glad you asked! A very popular way of sharing the details of the day is obviously through photography. Images that we capture can be collated into a slideshow, storyboarding the events and emotions of the wedding day (See a client’s slideshow below). We can have this ready as quickly as the day of the wedding or the day after.

Another option could be a book, there are many affordable options for printing nowadays. You could create a coffee table book or a ‘minion’ albums to share with family & friends.

The most important thing is, you guessed it, having the images captured on the day of the wedding so you can share them. Once the photographs have been taken and the day documented, you can share the images as creatively as you wish.

The Small, but Classy Wedding of Sina and Saaedah

When Sina and Saaedah got married, they had planned to have a smaller guest list. While there might not have had a 300 person guest list, that didn’t mean that the attention to detail was not of upmost importance.

With flowers and styling from the masterful John Emmanuel, the single, elegant long table for the guest was incredibly decorated.

Capturing their day was easy, as they had everything well planned. We photographed their preparations at their hotel of choice, The Fullerton Hotel. This was followed by a first look on the regal staircase at the hotel. Capturing images of them together at locations that we had discussed prior to the day. Followed by the ceremony, family photos and then the reception festivities. Guest total, 40.

Intimate, small or micro, a wedding is still a celebration and worth documenting with gorgeous photography.

Love and celebrations capture and are encapsulated in time forever at Sina and Saaedah’s wedding.

You can see by looking at this small handful of photos, all the emotion and story of the day was capture. There is a wonderful blend of classic and creative portraits, you can see and feel the emotion of the day through the documentary style of photography.

So, what do micro weddings in Melbourne look like?

Melbourne is rich in amazing venues that can cater for the smaller, intimate gatherings. You can chose a function room at a fine dining restaurant. Select a beautiful space and have the wedding catered for, it’s your day to choose the vibe you want.

The best  thing is, it can look however you want it to look, fancy, classic, rustic – whatever your heart desires. And we’ll be  there to photograph it

In conclusion, remember what the day is about, you as a couple, coming together to say forever and ever to each other <3

Locations: MaldivesThe Fullerton HotelSuits: Tom Ford \ Florist: John Emmanuel \ Ceremony & Reception: Constance  Moofushi Resort, Sydney University,

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